Economic Crisis: Approx 765,000 educated students leave Pakistan for abroad employment. Survey

Economic Crisis: Approx 765,000 educated students leave Pakistan for abroad employment. Survey

(Infosette News ) ISLAMABAD: Numerous thousands of people with advanced degrees and high-demand skills have been compelled to leave Pakistan due to the country’s persistent political unrest and deepening economic crisis.

According to a document from the Bureau of Immigration, this year alone saw a 300 per cent surge in the country’s brain drain problem, with up to 765,000 people leaving Pakistan for a better life overseas.

The data for this year also included 92,000 highly educated individuals, including accountants, doctors, engineers, and information technology specialists.

Long-standing political unrest in Pakistan and an intensifying economic crisis have cast a pall over the country’s future.

In the present year 2022, 765,000 highly educated and skilled young people have already left Pakistan, including highly educated young doctors, engineers, IT professionals, accountants, and paramedics.

They were primarily going to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The senior bureau officer cites growing inflation, unemployment, and political unpredictability as the key causes of this youth brain drain.

Pakistan has lost 7,000 engineers, 25,000 physicians, 1,600 nurses, 2,000 computer professionals, 6,500 accountants, 2,600 agricultural experts, and 9,00 teachers as a result of this brain drain this year.

For the prospects this year, Pakistani specialists favoured Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Malaysia, China, Japan, Turkey, Sudan, Romania, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Greece, and Italy.

Nearly 40,000 adolescents travelled to Europe and other Asian nations, while over 730,000 young travelled to the Gulf States, per the report.

According to a breakdown of the statistics by nation, 470,000 Pakistanis were leaving for Saudi Arabia to find work, while 119,000 went to the United Arab Emirates, 77,000 went to Oman, 51,634 went to Qatar, and 2,000 went to Kuwait.

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