Detective who worked on the Madeleine McCann case does not believe Julia Faustyna: It doesn’t add up

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A few days ago one of the most shocking stories of the last few years came to light. A young Polish woman, 21 years old, stated that she could be Madeleine McCann, who disappeared when she was almost four years old in 2007 while on vacation with her family in the Algarve (Portugal).

The case made headlines all over the world and involved dozens of investigators, one of them Spanish and who now has offered their opinion on Julia Faustyna.

The story behind the girl claiming to be Madeleine McCann

Francisco Marco, owner of the agency Metodo 3, gave his opinion on the recent entrance to the scene of the girl, who has opened a profile on Instagram where she shows the similarities between her and Madeleine McCann.

“Without knowing the in-depth details, it doesn’t fit. I don’t think it’s her,” Marco said in The Independent.

After the disappearance of the little girl, Marco was hired by Kate and Gerry McCann to follow the trail of their daughter and find the culprits of her abduction. Neither the Spanish, nor the Portuguese, nor the British investigation were able to find Maddie‘s real whereabouts, nor the real culprits.

Julia Faustyna and a DNA test that could change everything

Whatever the case may be, the appearance of Julia Faustyna could turn one of the most-covered disappearance cases of the 21st century on its head. The young woman asked the authorities for help in finding Madeleine McCann‘s parents and submitting a DNA test that would reveal whether she is indeed the little girl that was kidnapped in Praia da Luz.

Girl claims she’s Madeleine McCann via Instagram

On social media, Faustyna has shown similarities such as a defect in the pupil or spots on the left cheek that Maddie also had at the time of her disappearance in 2007. The latest information, however, suggests that the McCann family may have contacted her to make the necessary inquiries.

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