Dengue Cases are Increasing in Karachi.

(Infosette News): 254 new Dengue cases have been reported in Karachi, the provincial capital of the disease spread by mosquitoes.

In district Korangi, where 112 patients have contracted the virus during the previous 24 hours, the majority of cases in Karachi have been reported, according to the provincial health department.

District West reported 15 cases, District East 34, Central 53, Malir 20, South 10, Keamari 7, and District East Keamari 7.

This month, Karachi received a total of 5,425 reports of dengue fever cases.

Islamabad Dengue Cases:

As many as 81 dengue cases were reported in the federal capital during the course of the last day, bringing the season’s total number of infections to 2,072, according to District Health Officer (DHO) Islamabad.

In Islamabad, he added, dengue had claimed the lives of six people.

Nine deaths have been attributed to dengue fever in the province, according to data released by the KP Directorate General Health Services.


5,315 cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever have been documented in the province so far this season. While in KP, 333 new cases were registered in the previous day.


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