Dear Shadab I’m not happy with you..Shaun Tait Tweet on Shadab Khan’s Marriage

Shaun Tait twit on Shadab Khan marriage

Former Australian cricketer & also former Pakistan Bowling Coach Shaun Tait expresses disappointment on Twitter towards Pakistani spinner Shadab Khan. Shaun Tait posted a message addressed to the young Pakistani spinner: “Dear Shadab I’m not happy with you. You didn’t invite me to your marriage.” This statement has created a buzz among cricket fans on social media and many are speculating about the relationship between the two players.


While the exact reason for Tait’s dissatisfaction is unknown, some believe that the lack of an invitation to Khan’s wedding could be the cause. On the other hand, others are questioning the validity of Tait’s claims and speculating that there could be a different reason for his message.

Fans and followers of both players are eagerly awaiting a response from Shadab Khan, considered one of the brightest talents in the Pakistani cricket team. Some are also calling for an explanation from Tait, hoping to get more insight into the situation.

As of now, neither Tait nor Khan has made any official statement regarding the matter. This incident has certainly raised some questions about the nature of their relationship and has the cricketing world talking. It remains to be seen how the situation will develop in the coming days.”

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