Cypher Issue: Another alleged audio leak of Imran khan surfaces

ISLAMABAD: According to infosette on Friday, there has allegedly been another audio leak of former prime minister Imran Khan and other Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders conversing over the diplomatic code.

Similar to a previous audio tape from unknown sources that surfaced on social media, this one is 1.09 minutes long and purports to show a debate concerning diplomatic cipher involving Imran Khan, his senior secretary Azam Khan, and party leaders Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Asad Umar.

We have to hold a meeting tomorrow, the three of us and the foreign secretary, the former prime minister is heard stating in the allegedly leaked audio.

“We’ll ask the foreign secretary to record the meeting’s proceedings about the letter during that meeting, he said. Imran Khan can be heard saying, “Azam [Khan] has been urging that we make minutes of the meeting and photostat it.

The PTI Chairman gave the PTI members the directive not to collect names of Americans. “Under no circumstances are we required to assume the Americans’ names. I don’t want to hear from anyone’s lips where this letter originated from because it’s really essential for all of you,” he continued.

This [cypher] isn’t a letter, it is a transcript of the meeting, the former planning minister Asad Umar can be heard saying.

Transcripts and letters are the same thing, Imran Khan said. A transcript won’t be understood by the general public. This must be said during rallies.


An earlier online release on September 28 purportedly contained recordings of former prime minister Imran Khan and his important adviser Azam Khan discussing US espionage, which the PTI head said was the cause of his government’s overthrow.

Former prime minister Khan is allegedly informed about the US Cipher by Azam Khan during the conversation. The audio leak has prompted others to wonder if Imran Khan was intentionally kept in the dark about the cypher.

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