For the camera, Meghan Markle attempts to look “so perfect” Constantly acting

Meghan Markle is alleged to constantly “pose” for the camera.

A royal expert claims that Meghan Markle is staging a performance for the cameras.

The Duchess of Sussex always struggled to fit in with the royal family; she and her husband, Prince Harry, moved to California in 2020 after leaving the UK.

Ingrid Seward, the host of True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, says: “I think one of the reasons she found it so difficult to be in the Royal family is A – she didn’t listen but B – she really wanted her voice to be heard, and she couldn’t but now she can, so I just assume that she and Harry – and I hope – are very, very happy.”

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Meghan “never stopped acting,” Ms. Seward continues.

She went on to say of her chat with Variety: “I simply took away that Meghan is, she just is a poser.”


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“[Meghan looked] like a 1950s beautiful mother,” Ingrid continued. She never appears to stop acting because she’s so “perfect,” as opposed to admitting, “I read to the kids, and they probably give me a hard time if they don’t like the material.

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