Bigg Boss 16: Shiv Thakare and Abdu Rozik’s feud deepens; fans believe Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is destroying the ShibDu bond

Bigg Boss 16 Shiv Thakare and Abdu Rozik

Bigg Boss 16: Shiv Thakare and Abdu Rozik’s friendship is under threat as the singer loses his cool yet again; fans now want Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia out of the house [

Fans of Bigg Boss 16 adore Shiv Thakare and Abdu Rozik’s friendship. So far, the two have been the best of friends. In fact, they look adorable together. Recently, some distance has entered the friendship. Fans believe it is because of Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. The Bigg Boss Marathi winner and the actress appear to be developing a friendship. Despite the fact that we see Abdu Rozik with them frequently, it is clear that he feels excluded. Shiv Thakare is devoted to Abdu Rozik, but there is a problem. Fans are now demanding that Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia leave the show. According to rumors, she is due for a longer stay.

Shiv Thakare appears to be telling MC Stan not to give chocolates to Abdu Rozik in the coming days. He’ll say it in a lighthearted tone. However, Abdu Rozik will be upset and will leave. Shiv Thakare will later try to console him, but he appears to be upset. Sajid Khan told him that they were the house clowns. He claimed that jokers only know how to make people laugh and that they have no room in their lives for love.

Fans clearly want the actress to leave the show. However, it appears that MC Stan and Sumbul Touqeer will be asked to leave Salman Khan’s show.

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