Big revelation about Prince Harry from royal biographer

Although Prince Harry lacks mental toughness, he is “physically quite bold.”

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Prince Harry, the younger son of King Charles III, is said to lack the “bravery” to cause a fuss at his father and stepmother’s coronation in May, according to a royal biographer who has knowledge of the matter.

“Harry isn’t quite as brave as everyone claims, in my opinion. Although he has strong physical bravery, he lacks cerebral bravery.

He wouldn’t even know how to start a coronation ceremonial disruption, in my opinion “Dan Wootton of GB News spoke with royal biographer Seward.

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The Sussexes, who reside in California, are apparently invited to the King’s Coronation, but it’s not yet known whether they will go.

Prince Harry and Meghan attending the coronation would be less distracting than their absence, so King Charles made a wise move by extending the olive branch.

The expert claimed that the Duke required “brownie points” from the populace as a result of his declining popularity in the US, which he could only do by staging a successful coronation.

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Continued: “He won’t benefit from saying anything rude in the months before the ceremony, so I don’t believe he would.

Harry only cares about himself. Making a big deal out of his poor behaviour will do him absolutely no good ” I also believe that he needs some of the star power from this royal occasion to land on him in order to make life in America simpler.

Right now, neither he nor Meghan are nearly as well-known in America as they were before the release of Spare.

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“Harry wants to look nice, and I think the only way he can do that is by acting properly and being silent at the coronation, kind of what he did at the Jubilee with Meghan. Nothing else would do.”

Some royal admirers and detractors don’t want King Charles to invite the Sussexes to his coronation because they worry that the couple’s ongoing feud with the royals would overshadow the monarch’s historic occasion.

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