Barrister Babu Fame Actor Anchal Sahu Feels Satisfied Seeing Herself On Screen, Says “The Kind Of Enormous Joy & Satisfaction…”

‘Parineetii’ actress Anchal Sahu reveals that if not an actor, she would’ve been in the medical profession.

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Anchal said: “My sister is in the medical profession and she has been an inspiration to me. Watching her treating the patients, I feel that she is doing a great thing.”

Talking about her sister’s impact, Anchal Sahu said, “Since childhood, she has been a motivation in my life, so if not an actor, I would be in the medical profession. I would have tried this as an alternate career choice for myself because personally, I have an interest in the medical field.”

The actress is known for her performance in shows such as ‘Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye’ and ‘Barrister Babu‘.

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Talking about acting, Anchal said that although she was interested in the medical profession, the entertainment industry has given her a lot and she has received a lot of love from the audience which matters to her.

“Now that I have opted for a career in acting, there is no turning back. I now enjoy seeing myself on screen. I am happy that I am able to put my best foot forward in the entertainment industry. The kind of enormous joy and satisfaction I get to see the feedback from the audience is unmatchable,” she concluded.

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