Balenciaga Designer Denma Addresses Controversial Ad For the first time, here’s what he said

Balenciaga, a luxury fashion house, is known for its luxury wear, which is mostly preferred by high-end celebrities or HNI individuals. A brand known for its avant-garde, advanced structural pieces of cloth designed with organic materials that have straddled the edge of fashion and are well-known for future women’s ready-to-wear fashion has recently been in the spotlight for its campaign that was structured in an inappropriate way, raising the bar and turning Balenciaga fans and followers against the luxury wear clothing brand, resulting in a massive downfall and degrading Balenciaga’s image.

After months, Designer Denma Gvasalia has finally come up to discuss the ad.

Denma, the creative director of Balenciaga, spoke out for the first time about the issue

Earlier Denma apologized on Instagram, and now the designer has spoken candidly about the upsetting campaign and his future plans in an interview with Vogue.

“I realise that my work has been seen as provocative, but this specific situation would never be part of my, you know, provocative nature,” quoted Denma, by continuing to explain:

“This is where my error comes in. That was my big mistake. I didn’t realize how inappropriate it would be to put these objects [in the image] and still have the kid in the middle. It unfortunately was the wrong idea and a bad decision from me. We should not have featured kids in images that included objects that were not related and inappropriate to them.”

What was the Balenciaga Controversy?

After the debut of its 2022 Christmas ad, the once-iconic design label was linked to accusations of child abuse. The advertising campaign, which included images of kids holding teddy bears that were bound in chains, drew harsh condemnation and accusations of child sexification. which led to Balenciaga’s downfall after it issued apologies after receiving criticism for sexualizing children in one of its advertising campaigns. Balenciaga’s sales were probably impacted by the controversy in the last quarter of 2022.

Former fans of the brand, as well as celebrities with ties to Balenciaga, objected and called for a boycott of the brand for such a heinous portrayal of minor children in an inappropriate form. This major backlash led to brand losses to a greater extent.


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