Azam Swati Dark Web Viral Video Uncut Full


Here is the full uncut Azam Swati viral video from the dark web. This video can now be found on Twitter and Whatsapp. Azam Swati is now quite old, but in his press conference today, he blasted his daughter, his wife, and the leaked video.

Do you know who he is? He is a member of this country’s parliament. Do you know why he’s yelling? Because a video of his bedroom with his wife was sent to his daughters last night from an unknown number. Some claim that it is a hoax, while others claim that someone simply combined photos from Photoshop and called it a video.

Today is probably the saddest and most heartbreaking day in Pakistan’s history. A day that will never be forgotten. Senator Azam Swati and his family have been through a heartbreaking ordeal. How could anyone film a woman we should respect? We live in a country where telling the truth is punished while telling lies is rewarded and rewarded. PTI is all about deception and lies.

Imran Khan Niazi of the PTI is spreading lies and attempting to tarnish the reputation of our armed forces and agencies. This Azam Swati viral video appears to be a link to Imran Khan’s smearing campaign. “The dignity of a Muslim is greater than the Kaaba,” our Prophet said. A man in his 70s is stripped naked and tortured physically and mentally. His wife is featured in a personal video. In a press conference, he is sobbing, but our agencies are laughing. Are we self-sufficient? What about humans?

With each passing day, it becomes clear that the PTI has nothing to do with morality. Their dogma is only motivated by self-interest. What can a layperson expect from officials when an elderly senator and his family are subjected to such humiliating torture? Why has Imran Khan forced Azam Swati to lie in order for him to re-emerge as Prime Minister? We are not safe in our own homes or countries. May all those involved in this rot in hell forever. May you beg for peace in your life on a daily basis.

I don’t believe there is anything left now; we have failed as a nation. To be honest, Imran Niazi has made Pakistan a living hell for civilians and other people. These tears will destroy both oppressors and righteous people, as well as generations. Swati is an ex-Minister for Railways, a Senator, Senior Vice President of the PTI, an ex-Minister for Narcotics, an ex-Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, and an ex-Minister for Science and Technology. He is also a fugitive from the United States.

I’m speechless, sad, and angry. I’m shattered as a result of Imran Khan’s conspiracy.

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