The author claims that Prince Harry made objectionable remarks about Camilla.

Prince Harry allegedly spoke “very horrible things” about the Queen Consort, according to a royal historian who recently published a biography of Camilla.

The Duke of Sussex, according to Angela Levin, is only one of many people who initially misunderstood Camilla.

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The Crown was really unkind to Camilla, and Prince Harry also said some very offensive things about her, according to the author of “Camilla: From Outcast to Future Queen Consort.”

According to an author appearing on a TV programme, “a lot of people detested, primarily Camilla since they adored Diana so much.”

“It definitely hasn’t always been smooth sailing,” she continued, “a lot of people didn’t like us, especially Camilla because they adored Diana so much. It was inevitable that it would be a challenging period.

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