Attack on Titan: How does Mikasa’s dialogue ‘See you later, Eren’ affect the storyline?

The third installment of Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 was eagerly anticipated. The new season, made by MAPPA, will reveal what the rebellious Eren does. Our lovely Eren was subjected to trauma and it is now the time for him to make the final call. Following the events they saw in the previous season, viewers from all across the world want to know what will transpire next. Eren is killing people as part of The Rumbling. Now on guard, the Scouts are attempting to stop him. The fact that Eldians and Marleyans worked together to end the chaos was remarkable.

The line “See you later, Eren” is among Mikasa’s most famous quotes. Although it was scheduled to happen in Season 1 Episode 1, it never did. Even though it occurs in Manga, people were puzzled why it didn’t.

Tonight, the entire world witnessed Mikasa deliver the line. How will this affect what happens in the next episodes?

The Rumbling

What does ‘See you later, Eren’ mean to the Attack on Titan finale season?

As of late, there have been leaks all over the internet. Through leaks, it was revealed that the line would appear in the upcoming episode. Lucky for viewers, it will be the opening line of tonight’s episode.

According to @thisiseppy on Instagram, this dialogue provides a “crucial link” between the story’s beginning and end. Also, it is said that young Eren, who was initially seen sitting under the tree, closes his eyes at this moment (as depicted in the manga). When he does that, he sees Mikasa as an older and wiser version of herself. He sobs when he opens his eyes and finds a younger version of her. Who then asks questions as to why he is crying.



This moment is considered to bring closure to all manga readers because it represents a full cycle that they will witness. The studio’s inclusion of this sequence is akin to saying “Goodbye” to the viewers who have been watching this series for more than 10 years.

Hajime Isayama’s tale altered his fans’ perceptions of him. The entire fandom is currently in a tailspin as they try to create hypotheses about what might happen. Stay tuned for further updates as new episodes are released!

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