Are Harry and Meghan ‘concerned’ about celebrity status in America thanks to South Park?

The royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have served as the most recent source of inspiration for an episode of the American show South Park, and it would seem they’re not too fond of their spoof.

The newest episode of the animated series, titled The Global Privacy Tour, debuted on Comedy Central in the US on Wednesday and features the “Prince of Canada” and his princess striving to avoid the spotlight.

The royal couple’s decline since resigning from their royal duties two years ago, according to royal expert Neil Sean, is what the creators of the show wanted portrayed.

“Harry and Meghan should and will be very concerned about their celebrity status in America. After being royally laughed at by the satirical cartoon, it shows really how far they have fallen,” he wrote on Fox News.

“The duo are very unhappy with this, I am told via a good source, and again one wonders why. It’s harmless and will easily be forgotten, just like that dreadful cartoon based on young Prince George, axed after one season,” he added.

The South Park episode had a clear message for Meghan and Harry

In the episode, Kyle, one of South Park‘s main characters, is shocked to learn that the “dumb prince and his stupid wife,” have moved into a new house directly across from his.

In a trailer posted by South Park Studios, Kyle is seen whining to Stan and Kenny in the school cafeteria at lunch about the prince and princess’ relocation.

“It is seriously driving me crazy,” Kyle says. “I’m sick of hearing about them, but I can’t get away from them.”

“Look, Kyle, we just kind of don’t care about some dumb prince and his stupid wife,” Stan replies.

There’s not much to read into, the message from the creators of South Park are very direct on their feelings thowards Harry and Meghan.

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