Apple has resolved a troubling issue with the iphone 14 pro camera

  • Apple has resolved a troubling issue with the iPhone 14 Pro camera.
  • When third-party apps are used to access the phone’s camera, it vibrates and emits an odd buzzing sound.
  • Users should avoid using the camera in apps like Instagram or Snapchat until Apple fixes the problem.

The new iPhone 14 Pro from Apple was released to the public on Friday, and as soon as it did, reports of iphone 14 pro camera issues began to surface.

Some owners have reported that the camera on their phone started to vibrate erratically and create an odd buzzing noise when they used the camera in apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. This led to an erratic and hazy appearance of the image on the screen.

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As shown in the following video:

The terrifying problem quickly gained widespread attention on social media, and Apple eventually learned of it and decided to take action.

The tech giant said in a statement that went viral on Monday, “We are aware of the problem, and a fix will be available next week.”

People who are experiencing strange behaviour on their expensive new iPhone 14 Pro will be relieved to learn that Apple believes it is a software issue rather than a hardware issue, which may be more difficult to resolve.


Until Apple fixes the problem, anyone with an affected iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max should avoid using the camera in third-party apps.

The vibrations may jeopardise the phone’s sensor-shift image stabilisation system.

When using the iPhone’s built-in camera, the vibrations do not appear to occur, allowing you to continue taking photos and videos.

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It’s not uncommon for new phones and other technological devices to have issues when they first arrive, but most of the time (hopefully! ), they can be resolved with a software update.

Apple continues to make serious technological errors. The release of the iPhone 4 in 2010 resulted in “antennagate,” in which the phone lost signal if held in a certain way.

To prevent signal drops, the company offered iPhone 4 owners a $15 refund or a free bumper case.

Several customers reported problems with the butterfly-mechanism keyboard on some MacBooks from 2015 to 2019.

In court, Apple stipulated to pay back impacted customers. Apple consented to make monetary settlements with injured customers.

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