Who is annie hawkins turner and does she have the biggest boobs in the world


Annie Hawkins turner is known as the woman with the biggest boobs in the world She frequently discusses the difficulties of growing up with such boobs, yet this has not prevented her from achieving success.

Who is Annie Hawkins turner

Annie Hawkins-Turner, born December 22, 1956, is an American fetish model from Atlanta, Georgia.

For her work, she adopted the name Norma Stitz.

She was married to Allen Turner, an air force officer 20 years her senior who died in 2005.

Allen encouraged Annie to make the most of her body, and she eventually created a website.


She had over a million members and made £40,000 in a year by attracting many males.

She also has two children, but due to her disability, she has never been able to breastfeed either of them.

Does she have the biggest boobs in the world ?

Annie is the owner of the Guinness World Record for the largest natural breasts.

She no longer wears bras and only wears stretchy dresses.

What size are Annie Hawkins-Turner’s boobs?

Annie Hawkins-breasts Turner’s are 102ZZZ in size and weigh 30kg apiece.

She began developing breasts at the age of five, and by the age of nine, she was already a size 36D.


“When I was a teenager, I struggled with the idea that my breasts simply kept growing and expanding,” Annie explained.

“Finally, I was diagnosed with gigantomastia, a disorder characterised by gradual, steady growth of breast tissue, which explains why my breasts are still growing today.”

Doctors advised Annie to have breast reduction surgery, but she declined.

“I don’t want to meddle with nature,” she explained.

“As my breasts grew, my back muscles developed and supported them.”

What does Annie Hawkins-Turner have to say?

Despite the prosperity her breasts provided her, which enabled her to send her children to college and live a comfortable life, Annie is nevertheless subjected to daily ridicule.

In 2011, she appeared on This Morning with Phillip Schofield and Jenni Falconer, where she discussed how people often make fun of her.

She stated, ” “When I leave my house, I have to consider what my day will be like and who will attack me today.

“Every day, someone who does not know me teases me.

“They make fun of me for no apparent reason.

“I, too, am a human being.

“I’m simply blessed in various ways than others.

“It has had a negative impact on my son since people stare.”

She described how she was teased as a child for wearing a bra so early in her life.

Annie stated: “I’m not sure what size I was.

“I was simply large.

“The only thing I remember about those bras was that they were cotton and protruded like footballs, and that’s when I realised I was different.

“When it comes to picking on people, kids are some of the worst people in the world.”

“I got a lot of teasing.”

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