Alchemy Of Souls Kdrama Episode 17 And 18 Release Story, Date, Timing, Recap, Watch Online

The popular South Korean drama Alchemy Of Souls will air episodes 17 and 18 soon; stay tuned for more information, including air dates and times, spoilers, trailers, and the English ep sub.

Jang Uk requests that Mu-Deok pretend to be in love with him in Episode 16 of Alchemy of Souls. Jin Mu informs the king of Gwigu’s death in the palace, making him concerned about the person in possession of the King’s Star.

Alchemy Of Souls Kdrama Episode 17 And 18 Release Story, Date, Timing, Recap, Watch Online

Songrim and the royal family are rivals, and he intends to incite them. Master Lee informs Park Jin that the queen is with Jin Mu while he waits for Jang Kang. Look no further if you’re a fan of Alchemy of Souls and looking forward to the upcoming 17th episode.

A strange stranger wandering through Daeho turns out to be Jang Kang himself. Heo Yeom gave Jang Uk the sword that belonged to Naksu while he was in Songrim. In addition, he includes a note from master Lee chastising him for ever allowing Mu-Deok to wield a blade again.

Now that Eunuch Kim has fled, the crown prince is terrified of the queen. Jang Uk, on the other hand, is studying Mystic Choi. He concludes, like Songrim’s Park Jin, that the queen is a soul changer who has transferred the queen’s soul into another body.

Alchemy Of Souls

Alchemy Of Souls Episode 17 And 18 Spoilers

In the following episode, Bu Yeo will be revealed to be Mu Deok. She is the long-lost child of Jin Ho. As seen in the teaser, the Jin Family’s maid will discover the eye mask. When Gyeong sees this mask, she will be convinced that So Yi is her long-lost daughter.


So Yi was the one who received the mask from Bu Yeo before she vanished. As a result, Mu Deok and So Yi will both realise that Mu Deok is the Jin family’s true daughter. In addition, a meeting with the royal family will be held to discuss whether or not the soul changer will return. Jang Uk will meet his father in the upcoming episode, but he will be unable to identify him. Jang Kang will recognise him due to his sword.

Alchemy Of Souls Episode 17 And 18 Release Date

Alchemy Of Souls Episode 17 will be available on Netflix on August 20, 2022. On August 21, 2022, the 18th episode of this Korean series will air. Every Saturday and Sunday at 9.10 p.m. KST, TvN broadcasts new episodes.

Alchemy of Souls Episodes 17 and 18 are available with English subtitles on Netflix and TVING.

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