A YouTube auto generated music videos comments section reopened by Google.

An announcement by google to reopen the stopped youtube auto generated music videos comment section. The comment area aids in boosting platform engagement and traffic in general.

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Since December 2020, comments on art tracks have been disabled on YouTube. The inclusion of album covers and sound recordings in art tracks helps to round out the YouTube archive.

According to 9to5 Google, the functionality can be enabled by official artist channels by selecting the Settings menu, then Channel status and features.

Choose Defaults under the Community heading. These options let the channel decide whether to “Allow all comments” or “Hold possibly improper remarks for review.”

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On art tracks, comments are not screened.

The comment area contributed to the platform’s overall growth in traffic and engagement. Users expressed disappointment when the service was disabled because it was highly popular among music enthusiasts.

While there has been no official announcement from YouTube regarding the reopening of the feature, some users have recently been able to comment on the music videos.

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