Higher Education Commission

A Student alert issued by Higher Education Commission

Infosette (News): On Monday, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) issued a warning to students advising them not to apply for admission to affiliated colleges or institutes that offer admission to PhD and MS/MPhil/equivalent programmes.

According to HEC, affiliated college institutions are not permitted to offer PhD, MS/MPhil, or equivalent programmes.

For the benefit of the general public’s knowledge, the affiliated college institutes are not permitted to offer PhD, MS/MPhil, or equivalent programmes, according to the HEC.

It advised students to refrain from enrolling in any programme at affiliated colleges or institutes because the degrees that would result from doing so would not be acknowledged and attested by the HEC.

The commission further instructed the institutions to refrain from advertising admissions because any such action could result in legal action.

As per notice issued by HEC please be safe from above mentioned institute and do not take admission in that Institues & Colleges. It is for your safety otherwise your payment & education years ruin.



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