25 best podcast series that are both insightful and binge-worthy

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Whether you like to keep yourself productive during your brisk walk to work or you are looking for an insightful source of entertainment for your long drive ahead, a good podcast will definitely be your savior. This certainly is the best part about podcasts, you can be anywhere in the world, doing any mundane task, if you have your AirPods, you can certainly shut the world and get the most out of your favorite podcast. Yes, we know, the struggle begins when you have to decide which among the million podcasts should be your pick of the moment. To get you through just this petite but pesky problem we have curated the perfect assortment of the 25 best podcast series that will certainly keep you occupied and entertained.  

To create this list, we scoured through multiple podcast series and picked out just the ones that managed to enrapture our attention and sparked interesting conversations. Trust us, every podcast in the list below is totally binge-worthy and will be your go-to source of entertainment. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll on for a list of the best podcast series entailing every genre from educational to entertaining.  

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This is a crime and culture-based podcast series that will simply suck you in. Trust us, it has the power to keep you up all night or take the longer route. It features a true crime story that truly manages to keep its listeners on their toes. Listen to this top-ranking eight-part best true crime podcast series on Spotify or Apple podcasts. Believe us, it is one of the best podcast series to binge on right away. 

Year of Release:  2016

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Podcast Genre:  Crime

Star: Amber Hunt

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2. Ologies with Alie Ward

 Ologies with Alie Ward

This charmingly bizarre podcast will make its way into your heart from its very first episode. The podcast series features the work life of Alie Ward who’s a writer and a science correspondent. Listen to the podcast for professional interviews and everything in between. The podcast has comic, entertaining, and illuminating elements that you’d definitely love. It is one of the best podcast story series that features a comic genre. 

Year of Release:  2017-

Podcast Genre:   Comedy

Stars: Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Alie Ward


3. The Thing About Pam

The Thing About Pam

This NBC podcast series is another nail-bitingly mysterious pick that will keep you hooked. The podcast series features a story set in 2011, just two days post-Christmas. The podcast has all the elements to keep it interesting like murders, mysteries, trials and so much more. Go on, listen to the best podcast series of all time. 

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Year of Release:  2019-2022

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Podcast Genre:   Documentary, Crime

Stars: Keith Morrison, Ann Mahoney, Renée Zellweger


4. Everything Is Alive

Everything Is Alive

Listen to Everything Is Alive to enjoy a fun unscripted talk show that sparks conversation about exploring our world through new aspects. Every episode of the show features the life story of an inanimate object. Yes, right from a bar of soap to an elevator, the show features one of the most impressive storytelling concepts that are beyond entertaining. It is one the best new podcast series we highly recommend. 

Year of Release:  2018–2022

Podcast Genre:  Talk Show

Star: Ian Chillag


5. Limetown


This podcast series is narrated by a fictitious American Public Radio reporter, Lia Haddock. The podcast is meant to explore all about Tennessee and how 300 people mysteriously vanished from the town. You are going to be obsessed with the eerie and paranormal essence of the show. Trust us, it is one of the best mystery podcast series. 

Year of Release:  2015-2018

Podcast Genre:   Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Writers: Zack Akers, Skip Bronkie, David Yim

Stars: Annie-Sage Whitehurst, Kate Eastman, Henry Leyva


6. You’re Wrong About

 You’re Wrong About

This podcast series known as You’re wrong is interestingly hosted by journalist Sarah Marshall and features how she dives deep into famous people and events. The snarky show is not only entertaining, but it also changes the way you have been perceiving things from the past.  

Year of Release:  2018-

Podcast Genre:  History

Stars: Sarah Marshall, Michael Hobbes, Rachel Monroe


7. To Live and Die in LA

To Live and Die in LA

Another show that’s hosted by a journalist named Neil Strauss, is To Live and Die in LA. The podcast series is a gift for anyone who loves true-crime documentaries. The podcast is full of mystery, surprises, and inside details. Go on and listen to the podcast if you want to get acquainted with some serious twists and turns. It is one of the best true crime podcast series of all time. 

Year of Release:  2019-2022

Podcast Genre:   Crime

Star: Neil Strauss


8. Dying for Sex

Dying for Sex

The 2020 podcast series features a fun conversation between two best friends that include topics like sex, love, relationships, friendship, and death. The millennial show will definitely take you on an emotional ride where you’ll laugh out loud and also shed a few occasional tears. The show also features topics like breast cancer, unhappy marriage, and serious conversations that go way beyond small talk. 

Year of Release:  2020-

Podcast Genre:   News

Star: Nikki Boyer


9. First Things First

First Things First

Featuring NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter along with beloved radio host Nick Wright, First Things First is a podcast series for sports lovers out there. Listen to this one for a fun sports debate in every episode. 

Year of Release:  2017-

Podcast Genre:   Talk Show

Stars: Nick Wright, Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter


10. Stuff You Missed in History Class

Stuff You Missed in History Class

This podcast is good news for anyone who loves history. Hosted by Holly Frey and Tracy Wilson, the show features fun stories about occurrences and personalities in history. Listen to the podcast for conversations sprinkled with humor and new perspective. The podcast definitely manages to make history super fun. 

Year of Release:  2008

Podcast Genre:  History

Stars: Tracy V. Wilson, Holly Frey


11. Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole

A completely binge-able podcast series that focuses on how the internet has been affecting our world including its impact on our everyday lives and world politics. Created under the banner of The New York Times, this eight-part series is definitely worth your time. 

Year of Release:  2020

Podcast Genre:  Documentary

Stars: Kevin Roose(voice), Andy Mills(voice)


12. The Daily

The Daily

The podcast actually allows you to listen to daily news in the form of a fun podcast.  True to its name a new episode of The Daily is dropped every weekday at 6 a.m. Listen to the informative podcast to keep yourself updated with the recent voices of New York Times journalists Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise.

Year of Release:  2017

Podcast Genre:   News

Stars: Michael Barbaro, Donald Trump, Kevin Roose


13. WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork

WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork

Listen to the founders of WeWork talk about their journey and growth and downfall. Hosted by business podcast expert David Browne, this show is certainly a wild ride. 

Year of Release:  2020

Podcast Genre:  Talk Show

Stars: Scott Galloway, David Brown, Kelly AuCoin


14. The Drop Out

The Drop Out

Another interesting podcast series we seriously recommend is The Drop Out. The show is hosted by the beloved ABC News correspondent Rebecca Jarvis. The show interestingly  features the story of a MedTech company, Theranos, and the inside facts about its founder and CEO, Elizabeth Holmes. 

Year of Release:  2019

Podcast Genre:  Documentary, Crime 

Stars: Rebecca Jarvis, Elizabeth Holmes(archive footage)


 15. The Read

The Read

When on the lookout for a fun pop culture podcast series, you can never go wrong with, The Read. The show is hosted by a beloved vlogger Kid Fury along with writer Crissle West. The show is full of banter and expresses pop culture events from general as well as queer and Black points of view. Listen to the podcast to explore pop culture, news events, the lives of the hosts, and their take on sexuality. Go for it if you want to incorporate sass into your podcast playlist. 

Year of Release:  2013

Podcast Genre:   Comedy

Stars: Kid Fury, Crissle West, Roblé Ali


16. Code Switch

Code Switch

This show from NPR is hosted by POC journalists Shereen Marisol Meraji and Gene Demby. Poignant and ever-important, this group tackles race topics head-on, bringing race issues to our attention and explaining how they impact every aspect of society. In every episode, they bring in guests to give different perspectives on a variety of topics. For example, they’ve brought in professors who teach about critical whiteness studies, inviting those who are both white or POC to speak about their experiences. The things Meraji and Demby talk about in their show are so important, and this show is really worth taking the time to listen to. We’d like to call it one of the best podcast series to binge on. 

Year of Release:  2016-

Podcast Genre:   News 


17. Modern Love

Modern Love

True to its name Modern Love features stories of love, writing, and celebrities with a modern twist. The New York Times podcast series has several episodes, each sparking a conversation about love, loss, redemption, relationships and so much more. In fact, the conversations offer a beautifully poetic take on romance to give you all the feels. 

Year of Release:  2016

Podcast Genre:   Talk Show

Stars: Miya Lee, Daniel Jones


18. Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know

The show features conversations about just the things you should know. Right from insightful chats about champagne to interestingly insightful facts about satanism; the podcast features the best of every world. 

Year of Release:  2008-

Podcast Genre:   Documentary

Stars: Josh Clark, Chris Pollette, Charles W. Bryant


19. RomComPods 


(Original title: Honeymoon for One)

How could you ever say no to a romantic-comedy podcast? The fictional podcast series is a full entertainment boost for fans who love romance. Listen to RomComPods for a romance-filled storyline that’s beyond a mere love story. So what are you waiting for? Go on, meet your favorite quirky characters, and listen to all the heartfelt aspects of their love life. We like to call this podcast series the best fiction podcast series we have ever found. 

Year of Release:  2020-

Podcast Genre:   Comedy, Romance

Stars: Amy Stricker, Shahjehan Khan, Whitton Frank


20. How to Talk to Mamí and Papí about Anything

The podcast features an entertaining and insightful conversation from an immigrant point of view. Hosted by Juleyka Lantigua-Williams the show speaks to children of immigrant parents along with a professional expert who is a part of the podcast every week. The show features a variety of topics ranging from mental illness, politics, misinformation and so much more. 

Year of Release:  2020


21. Still Processing

Still Processing

Still Processing is a podcast series that features a pretty interesting and intelligent conversation regarding culture and cultural interests. Featuring Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris the podcast offers a brand new perspective on current important events that entails everything from cinema, and music, to politics and so much more.

Year of Release:  2016-

Podcast Genre:   Talk Show

Stars: Jenna Wortham, Wesley Morris


22. Keeping It Real: Conversations with Jillian Michaels 

Keeping It Real: Conversations with Jillian Michaels

The podcast series titled Keeping It Real: Conversations with Jillian Michaels, follows the host Jillian Michaels and features in-depth dialogue with the top experts from different fields. The show is basically the perfect pick for anyone who is interested in any kind of wellness right from medicine, fitness, or nutrition. Not just that the show also features raw, authentic, and fact-based chat on parenting, finances, and relationships.

Year of Release:  2011

Podcast Genre:   Talk show

Star: Jillian Michaels, William Li, Hayley Quinn


23. Dirty John

Dirty John

Yes, Dirty John is also a TV show that has been loved by viewers, this podcast series is simply the podcast version of the same show. The podcast is next-level binge-worthy and features a riveting tale that is set in Los Angeles. The story begins with the introduction of Debra Newell who is a thriving interior designer and gradually takes an interesting turn when she meets John Meehan.

Year of Release:  2017

Podcast Genre:   Talk show

Star: Christopher Goffard


24. The Clearing

the clearing

Another show that we highly recommend is The Clearing. The show features how the protagonist fears that her father is a murderer. The story takes a turn when decades later, she realizes her doubts were nothing but the truth. 

Year of Release:  2019-

Podcast Genre:  Documentary, Crime

Star: Josh Dean(voice), April Balascio(voice), Edward Wayne,  Edwards(archive footage)


25. Wakanda Forever: The Official Black Panther Podcast

Wakanda Forever: The Official Black Panther Podcast

This podcast series is a must-pick for all the marvel fans out there. The show features everything about the groundbreaking success and makings of Black Panther and how it massively changed the world. Go on, listen to the best podcast series 2022 gave us. 

Year of Release:  2022

Podcast Genre: Talk show

Star: Ryan Coogler, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Kevin Feige


Ditch the process of trial and error and bookmark this well-researched list of top podcast series along with their description to give you a brief outline before investing your time. We know, selecting the right podcast can be as hard as looking for a needle in a haystack, that is precisely why we picked out only the best 25 podcast series that are complete entertainers. In fact, whether you are a lover of romance or thrillers, there are multiple perfect podcast series for your choice of genre. In fact, each podcast in the list above can be an outstanding pick. While we picked out the best shows already, we know when it comes to the best podcast series 25 can never be enough that is precisely why here is a bonus list of top podcast series that are totally binge-worthy- 

1. Harley Quinn & The Joker: Sound Mind (Podcast Series) –                  

2. The Sandman (2020 Podcast Series)   

3. The History Chicks (2011 Podcast Series)

4. Bridgewater (2021 Podcast Series)      

5. Batman Unburied (2022 Podcast Series) 

6. HBO’s The Last of Us Podcast (2023 Podcast Series)

7. Impact Winter (2022 Podcast Series)   

8. Past My Bedtime (2022 Podcast Series)  

9. Batman: The Audio Adventures (2021 Podcast Series)

10. Koz (2022 Podcast Series)

11. The Big Lie (2022 Podcast Series)

12. Blackout (2019 Podcast Series)          

13. Case 63 (2022 Podcast Series)  

14. The Callisto Protocol: Helix Station (2022 Podcast Series)   

15. The Coldest Case (2021 Podcast Series)                   

16. Borrasca (2020 Podcast Series) 

17. From Now (2020 Podcast Series)

18. Oliver Twist (2022 Podcast Series)

19. Dust (2019 Podcast Series)                

20. Marvel’s Wastelanders (2022 Podcast Series)

21. The Joe Rogan Experience (2009 Podcast Series)    

22. The Prophecy (2022 Podcast Series) 

23. Hit Job (2021 Podcast Series)            

24. Narcissa (2022 Podcast Series)  

25. Wolverine (2018 Podcast Series)

26. The Integral Principles of the Structural Dynamics of Flow (2020 Podcast Series)       

27. Spark Hunter (2022 Podcast Series)  

28. Listening In (2022 Podcast Series)     

29. The Method (2022 Podcast Series)

30. Moriarty: The Devil’s Game (2022 Podcast Series)

31. Motherhacker (2019 Podcast Series)

32. Marvel Wastelanders: Black Widow (2021 Podcast Series)  

33. Dungeons and Daddies (2019 Podcast Series)  

34. Summer in Argyle (2022 Podcast Series)                   

35. Marvel’s Wastelanders: Wolverine (2022 Podcast Series)

36. The Archers (1950 Podcast Series)    

37. Orphan Black: The Next Chapter (2019 Podcast Series)       

38. 10 Days (2021 Podcast Series)  

39. Solar (2022 Podcast Series)   

40. Truest Blood (2022 Podcast Series)   

41. Insta Millionaire (Pocket FM) Hindi (2022 Podcast Series)    

42. Horror Movies & Scary Stories (2022 Podcast Series)

43. The Adam Friedland Show (2022 Podcast Series)     

44. The Pack Podcast (2020 Podcast Series)      

45. Edith! (2021 Podcast Series)  

46. Hank the Cowdog (2020 Podcast Series)       

47. Marvel’s Wastelanders: Doom (2022 Podcast Series)

48. Heads Will Roll (2020 Podcast Series)

49. Escape from Virtual Island (2020 Podcast Series)     

50. Classified (2022 Podcast Series)

51. Moriarty: The Devil’s Game (2022 Podcast Series)

52. You Must Remember This (2014 Podcast Series)

53. American Hostage (2022 Podcast Series)

54. 1619 (2019 Podcast Series)

55. Behind the Bastards (2018 Podcast Series)

56. Fall of Civilizations (2019 Podcast Series)

57. Blood & Gold (2022 Podcast Series)

58. The Playboy Interview (2021 Podcast Series)

59. The Rest Is History (2020 Podcast Series)

60. Filterpodden (2020 Podcast Series)

61. Thriller Factory (2019 Podcast Series)

62. Chameleon (2020 Podcast Series)

63. That’s Messed Up: An SVU Podcast (2020 Podcast Series)

64. Serial Killers (2017 Podcast Series)

65. Murder with My Husband (2020 Podcast Series)

66. Serial (2014 Podcast Series)

67. Murder in Oregon (2019 Podcast Series)

68. Ronstadt (2021 Podcast Series)         

69. Mafialand (2020 Podcast Series)

70. Jensen & Holes: The Murder Squad (2019 Podcast Series)

71. Rotten Mango (2020 Podcast Series)

72. Unraveled (2021 Podcast Series)       

73. The Piketon Massacre Podcast (2020 Podcast Series)         

74. Crime Junkie (2017 Podcast Series)

75. I’m Not A Monster (2020 Podcast Series)

76. Exeter (2018 Podcast Series) 

77. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories (2016 Podcast Series)

78. MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories (2022 Podcast Series)

79. Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel Family and the Black Dahlia (2019 Podcast Series)     

80. Devil Town (2022 Podcast Series)                  

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